All in one, Superior Gut Health and Immune support supplement

Butyrate + Vitamin D3

A Compound with Compounding effects

Gut Armor is scientifically proven to drastically improve the health of your gut and immune system.

Combats gastrointestinal issues

Bolster the immune system

Aids in Muscle growth & Recovery

Alleviates Bloating

Aids in weight loss

Free Shipping + 100% No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Gluten Free

Lactose Free


Quality GMP Assured

Scientifically Designed to Balance Your Gut

Improves digestion and alleviates bloating

Activates Vitamin D3 and strengthens the immune system

Increase serotonin production and improves mental health

Optimizes the Gut and increases the absorption of nutrients that aid in muscle growth and recovery.

Regulates Stomach Acid and combats Acid Reflux and GERD

Enhances the production of melatonin and improves sleep

Free Shipping + 100% No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Taking care of your gut is important

Improves digestion and alleviates bloating

90% of chronic illnesses are traced back to the Gut

70% of the immune system is located in the Gut

90% of serotonin "The Happy Hormone" is produced in the gut

Free Shipping + 100% No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Start Healing your Gut Today and ensure a happier-healthier life for years to come!

Choose your Gut Armor and save big on your order

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Kelsie s.


amazing product

I've been taking this supplement for 3 months now and I feel so great! I have so much more energy and am drinking significantly less coffee as well (which is huge feat being in physical therapy school)! I rarely ever get bloated and have any stomach issues since taking GUT ARMOR. This is the best supplement I have found and I have tried multiple different probiotics to help and this has far surpassed anything else that I have found. I am also able to eat less protein while maintaining and putting on muscle and I give the credit to GUT ARMOR. Give this a try and the results will speak for themselves!

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Alex j. 


Love This Offer

I have tried many different brands of probiotics to help with my constipation and could not find anything that helps long term. Usually when you begin to take a probiotic a side effect is diarrhea. I did not experience diarrhea while taking this! I must say I am very pleased with this product because it has given me the results that I have looked for, I now use the bathroom regularly. I have been using this for 3 months and no longer have issues. I highly recommend this product.

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Nathan z.


good for health and skin.

Great product. As a firefighter/paramedic I always had gut problems and it’s not fun having some of these symptoms especially while at the station. The bloating I constantly had and having to use the restroom all the time is not ideal when you can get a call any moment and have to leave ASAP having no time to use the restroom. This always made me feel queasy during my calls. After just a few weeks of taking this, I have improved immensely. Not only do I have a healthier bowel movement, but I have more energy as well. I recommend this product to anyone!

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What is Gut Armor?

Gut Armor provides the beneficial microbes with the fuel they need to carry out their daily task, ensuring the microbiome is balanced and working at its full potential.”

Is GutArmor® a probiotic?

Gut Armor is not a probiotic, it is the fuel source for your intestinal cells and beneficial bacteria. The Butyrate in Gut Armor provides 60-70% of the energy your intestinal cells use, making butyrate the main fuel of the digestive tract. Gut Armor enhances the effects of beneficial bacteria like probiotics. The beneficial bacteria in the microbiome oversee fortifying the intestinal wall, preventing harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream, helping prevent stomach pain, bloating, inflammation, and Leaky Gut.

What is the difference between GutArmor® and Probiotics?

GutArmor is a chemical messenger and fuel source that creates an oxygen-free environment in the gut that allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. Probiotics are strains of beneficial bacteria that get temporarily introduced into the gut to help balance the microbiota.

What is Tributyrin?

Tributyrin is the most bioavailable, slow released. and absorbable form of butyrate. Tributyrin has been clinically proven to carry butyrate to the lower colon where it can help fix gastrointestinal issues like IBS and Leaky Gut. Unlike other butyrate supplements like sodium butyrate, Tributyrin is a more efficient, pharmacokinetically superior variant of butyrate, one of the more influential SCFAs.

How Does GutArmor® combat leaky gut, inflammation, and IBS?

GutArmor fuels beneficial microbes that reinforce the intestinal wall. When these microbes are operating at peak performance bacteria, undigested food, and pathogens have less of a chance of piercing the intestinal wall and getting into the blood stream.

Why is GutArmor® a better Vitamin D3/ Butyrate Digestive supplement than the competitors?

Standalone vitamin D3 supplements fall short when compared to Gut Armor’s Vitamin D3 & Butyrate compound. Vitamin D3 is activated by vitamin D receptors (VDR). Butyrate increases the expression of VDR’s giving the body higher levels of active vitamin D3. The coupling of Vitamin D3 and Butyrate gives the immune system the perfect boost to fight off viruses and infections.

How can your gut bacteria can influence your weight?

Gut bacteria affects our weight because it regulates how much fat and how many calories we absorb from our food. Bacteroidetes are the “good” guys because they help produce the short chain fatty acids such as butyrate that help reduce inflammation and assist in food digestion. Firmicutes are the “bad” guys since they adversely affect the glucose and fat metabolization which causes people to absorb and retain more calories from the foods they eat. Firmicutes have also been correlated to obesity and Type II Diabetes.

Free Shipping + 100% No-Risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee