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Postbiotics like Butyrate have been scientifically proven to improve mental health, relieve abdominal pain, and decrease the risk of developing gastrointestinal issues like bloating, acid reflux, leaky gut, and IBS. Whether you're looking to improve your Gut, Brain or Gains, our All-in-One Butyrate + Vitamin D3 supplement was made for you.

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What is Gut Armor?

Gut Armor is a postbiotic+ in the form of Butyrate & Vitamin D3. Butyrate is the main energy source for colonocytes (the cells that make up the gut lining) powering up to 90% of their energetic requirements. In a nutshell, butyrate enhances the function of colonocytes, thus decreasing inflammation, improving immune response, and maintaining the integrity of the gut lining, called “mucosa”.

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Postbiotics to Heal your Gut

Healing the root cause of gastrointestinal issues is what sets Gut Armor apart from other gut health supplements. Unlike most western medicines that are great at treating symptoms, we offer an alternative approach that goes far beyond the reach of pre & probiotics. When taken daily Gut Armor was shown to start working on abdominal comfort in as little as 24 hours.

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Tiny, but Powerful

The ultra-pure Butyrate & Vitamin D3 in Gut Armor’s tiny gastro-resistant soft gels are the perfect One-Two punch for healing your gut and improving your immune system. Both Butyrate & Vitamin D3 have been scientifically proven to provide relief to abdominal discomfort such as bloating, IBS, leaky gut, acid reflux, and many more. Simply take 2-3 soft gels daily with food for real relief and maximum absorption. 

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