• Butyrate 101:

As the bacteria in your gut microbiota consume fiber, they release Butyrate, which provides up to 70% of the energy your gut cells need to communicate with the brain, reduce inflammation, assist in digestion, boost immunity, and protect and repair your stomach lining.1 GutArmor® is a gut health optimization supplement that complements your digestive health by delivering ultra-pure butyrate in the form of tributyrin directly to your small intestine to boost your immune response and provide ample reinforcements to your gut microbiota - all in an odorless, easy to take soft gel capsule.

• GutArmor®:

Provides a Butyrate boost that not only guards your gut and improves immunity; it fuels, builds, and helps heal your gut – all while enhancing communication between the 100 million neuronsin your entire enteric nervous system, known as the “gut-brain axis”.2 That’s 5x more neurons than the human brain! If you’ve ever had a “gut feeling” about something, you can thank your enteric nervous system. GutArmor® has what it takes to guard your gut and boost your immunity naturally, for a stronger, healthier you.

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