GutArmor® (45 Ct.)


GutArmor is a superior postbiotic for gut health & immune support. Our tiny soft gels consist of a gut-healing metabolite called Butyrate (The main fuel source for the cells in the gut) and the immune-boosting Vitamin D3. This powerful One-Two punch goes far beyond the reach of probiotics and creates an oxygen free environment in the gut that allows our beneficial bacteria to thrive all while starving out the bad bacteria. The key to gut health is maintaining a healthy balance of good gut bacteria to bad gut bacteria (85% good : 15% bad) GutArmor ensures this delicate balance and starts optimizing the gut on a cellular level in as little as 24hrs. 


  • Relieves Abdominal Pain. 
  • Alleviates Bloating.
  • Improves Bowel Transit. 
  • Increased Energy & Mental Clarity 
  • Heals Leaky Gut & IBS/IBD.
  • Acid Reflux Relief.
  • Strengthens Immune Function.

- 30 Day Happy Gut Money Back Guarantee -  

Made to make a difference, with love & intention


Gluten Free

Lactose Free

Lactose Free




GMP Assured

Balanced Gut Better Life for All

A balanced gut has been scientifically proven to improve mental health, promote weight loss, and decrease the risk of developing gastrointestinal issues like bloating, acid reflux, leaky gut, and IBS. Whether you're looking to improve
your Gut, Brain or Gains, our All-in-One supplement was made for you.

Heal your Gut

Healing the root cause of GI issues is what sets Gut Armor apart from other gut health supplements. Unlike most western medicines that are great at masking symptoms we offer an alternative approach that goes far beyond treating symptoms and has real lasting effects on the host and their microbiome.

Tiny but Powerful 

The ultra-pure Butyrate & Vitamin D3 in our tiny gastro-resistant soft-gels is the perfect One-Two punch for healing your gut and improving your immune system. Both Butyrate & Vitamin D3 have been scientifically proven to provide relief to gastrointestinal issues like bloating, IBS, leaky gut, acid reflux, and many more.

2 Per Day, Keeps The Doctor Away

Our gastro-resistant soft-gels are easy to take and ensure 100% delivery of the ultra-pure Butyrate & Vitamin D3 compound to the lower gut. Take two pills daily, either with a meal or before a meal for maximum absorption.

We Want You to Ask Questions

Start with 1 capsule every other day, and gradually increase to 1 capsule, 2-3x daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. Best taken with food or right before eating.

With initial use you may feel some gastrointestinal discomfort, subtle cramping, or changes in stool. This response is normal and a sign that the butyrate in Gut Armor is reconditioning the intestinal terrain of your GI tract. Any discomfort should subdue within 3-5 days.

Gut Armor provides the beneficial microbes with the fuel they need to carry out their daily task, ensuring the microbiome is balanced and working at its full potential.

Gut Armor is not a probiotic, it is the fuel source for your intestinal cells and beneficial bacteria. The Butyrate in Gut Armor provides 60-70% of the energy your intestinal cells use, making Butyrate the main fuel of the digestive tract. Gut Armor enhances the effects of beneficial bacteria like probiotics. The beneficial bacteria in the microbiome oversee fortifying the intestinal wall, preventing harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream, helping prevent stomach pain, bloating, inflammation, and Leaky Gut.

GutArmor is a chemical messenger and fuel source that creates an oxygen-free environment in the gut that allows beneficial bacteria to thrive. Probiotics are strains of beneficial bacteria that get temporarily introduced into the gut to help balance the microbiota.

Tributyrin is the most bioavailable, slow released and absorbable form of Butyrate. Tributyrin has been clinically proven to carry Butyrate to the lower colon where it can help fix gastrointestinal issues like IBS and Leaky Gut. Unlike other Butyrate supplements like sodium Butyrate, Tributyrin is a more efficient, pharmacokinetically superior Variant of Butyrate, one of the more influential SCFAs.

GutArmor fuels beneficial microbes that reinforce the intestinal wall. When these microbes are operating at peak performance bacteria, undigested food, and pathogens have less of a chance of piercing the intestinal wall and getting into the blood stream.

Standalone Vitamin D3 supplements fall short when compared to Gut Armor’s Vitamin D3 & Butyrate compound. Vitamin D3 is activated by Vitamin D receptors (VDR). Butyrate increases the expression of VDR’s giving the body higher levels of active Vitamin D3. The coupling of Vitamin D3 and Butyrate gives the immune system the perfect boost to fight off viruses and infections.

Gut bacteria affects our weight because it regulates how much fat and how many calories we absorb from our food. Bacteroidetes are the “good” guys because they help produce the short chain fatty acids such as Butyrate that help reduce inflammation and assist in food digestion. Firmicutes are the “bad” guys since they adversely affect the glucose and fat metabolization which causes people to absorb and retain more calories from the foods they eat. Firmicutes have also been correlated to obesity and Type II Diabetes.

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