Night, Night! Sleep & Relaxation Aid


Experience the tranquil journey to dreamland with 'Night, Night!', a premium sleep and relaxation supplement meticulously crafted to help you achieve deep, rejuvenating rest. Harnessing the power of natural ingredients like Passiflora Extract and Melatonin, 'Night,Night!' is your ally in conquering restless nights and embracing the beauty of uninterrupted sleep.

  • Importance of REM Sleep:

    • Vital for memory consolidation, emotional processing, and cognitive function.
    • Supports mood regulation, learning, and creativity.
  • Global Sleep Deprivation:

    • Estimated 30% of global population suffers from inadequate sleep.
    • Factors include work stress, lifestyle habits, and electronic device usage.
  • Key Ingredients:

    • Passiflora Extract: Promotes relaxation and calmness.
    • Melatonin: Regulates sleep-wake cycle for faster and deeper sleep.
  • Additional Supportive Elements:

    • Natural Passion Fruit Flavor: Enjoyable taste for bedtime consumption.
    • Carefully Selected Formulation: Synergistic blend for optimal sleep support.

Suggested Use: Take two (2) gummies once a day as a dietary supplement.


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Got Gut Questions?

Start with 1 capsule every other day for the first week, and gradually increase to 2-3x daily, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner. For maximum absorption take GutArmor right before eating.

Tributyrin is the most bioavailable, slow released, and absorbable form of butyrate. Tributyrin has been clinically proven to carry butyrate to the lower colon where it can help fix gastrointestinal issues like IBS and Leaky Gut. Unlike sodium butyrate, Tributyrin is able to achieve 100% delivery to the lower gut (where the magic happens) Tributyrin is a more efficient, pharmacokinetically superior variant of butyrate when compared to sodium butyrate, and one of the most influential Short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).

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GutArmor is a chemical messenger that communicates with the brain and fuels the cells in the gut called colonocytes. Colonocytes are the guts frontline soldiers, creating an oxygen-free environment in the gut that kills off bad bacterial overgrowths and allows the beneficial bacteria to thrive. Probiotics are strains of beneficial bacteria that get temporarily introduced in the gut with the hopes of producing postbiotics like butyrate to help balance the microbiota.

If you're not satisfied with GutArmor simply send the bottle back to us and receive a full refund (purchase price + shipping cost) For more information on our refund policy please email

Yes, GutArmor will enhance the benefits of taking probiotics by creating a conducive environment in the lower gut that will give the strains of bacteria in the probiotic a higher probability of survival and ability to produce postbiotic metabolites like butyrate.

GutArmor + Natural Ingredients

GutArmor is a superior postbiotic for gut health & immune support. Our tiny soft gels consist of a gut-healing metabolite called Butyrate (The main fuel source for the cells in the gut) and the immune-boosting Vitamin D3. This powerful One-Two punch goes far beyond the reach of probiotics and creates an oxygen free environment in the gut that allows our beneficial bacteria to thrive all while starving out the bad bacteria. The key to gut health is maintaining a healthy balance of good gut bacteria to bad gut bacteria (85% good : 15% bad) GutArmor ensures this delicate balance and starts healing & optimizing the gut on a cellular level in as little as 24hrs.

Obliterate Your Bloat with Butyrate

Bloating shouldn't be your new normal! Neither should avoiding your favorite foods to prevent it. Get back to eating what you love while putting your bloat baby in check. The Butyrate in GutArmor heals the gut on a cellular level and prevents bloating by giving your gut cells the fuel, they need to starve out bad bacteria, fortify the stomach lining (No Leaky Gut) and ensure proper digestion and elimination of your favorite foods.

Get Back to Feeling Great, with Regular Bowel Movements

Whether you suffer from diarrhea, constipation, or even IBS, GutArmor will be an important tool to help you get back to baseline - ensuring healthy bowel movements daily. The butyrate in GutArmor is a powerful anti-inflammatory, reducing inflammation throughout the body especially in the stomach lining and gastrointestinal tract. In absence of inflammation your Gut can properly breakdown and absorb the nutrients from the foods you eat, ensuring a regular bowel schedule with healthy well-formed stools.

Stress & Anxiety... What’s Gut Got to Do With it?

Mental health issues like stress, anxiety, and even depression on the surface might not seem like gut issues but our Gut & Brain are intimately connected. The crosstalk between the two has a huge impact on our mental and overall health. Our gut bacteria produce 90% of the “Happy Hormone” called Serotonin and 50% of the “Achievement Hormone” called Dopamine. These influential neurotransmitters have a huge impact on our mood, mental clarity, stress levels, and other vital cognitive functions. The butyrate in GutArmor creates an oxygen free environment in the gut ensuring elevated levels of Serotonin & Dopamine resulting in lower stress, improved mood, and sharper mental clarity.


Improving your performance on the field and in the gym starts by improving your Gut Health. Emerging science now shows the massive impact the gut has on nutrient absorption, (HRV) heart rate variability, Muscle Growth, and recovery. The key to the GUT-GAINS-CONNECTION is achieving superior bacterial diversity in the gut microbiome. The Butyrate & Vitamin D3 in GutArmor promotes bacterial diversity by fueling your gut cells which then create a conducive environment in the gut that allows your beneficial gut bacteria to multiply & flourish - turning an average gut into a powerful Performance Enhancing machine.

Natural Solution for Heartburn, GERD, & Acid Reflux

If you’ve been suffering with one of these issues you’ve probably been misdiagnosed and been prescribed or told to take an OTC proton-pump inhibitor (PPI) like Prilosec to help reduce your stomach acid. Long-term use of PPI ‘s can result in nutrient deficiencies, kidney failure and a host of other harmful disorders. Shutting off your stomach’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid does more harm than good. Stomach acid is vital to your overall health, it kills off harmful bacteria and ensures the proper digestion / absorption of vital nutrients like Protein. GutArmor is an all-natural solution that supports stomach acid production and increases the production of mucosa which is a thick slime like substance that acts as a protective shield preventing your stomach acid from burning your esophageal and stomach lining.

Balance Your Hormones by Balancing Your Gut

Hormone Imbalances can take a toll on our physical and mental health and until recently doctors thought the brain was the root cause of hormone imbalances. New science is now shedding light on the important role a balanced gut microbiome plays in regulating hormones. GutArmor ensures the gut microbiome is balanced (85% good : 15% bad bacteria) achieving this balance leads to proper regulation and balancing of hormones like estrogen, insulin, and serotonin. GutArmor has also been shown to be effective in supporting healthy Thyroid function– Providing much needed relief for chronic fatigue, Weight gain, and hair loss.

Superior Nutrient Absorption  

Fueling your body with the proper amount of nutrients is the pilar for health and wellness, specifically when it comes to Muscle Growth & Recovery. Prioritizing your gut health ensures maximum absorption of vitamins and vital nutrients like Protein. Nutrient absorption occurs on the surface of the small intestine but in most cases only a fraction of the nutrients stated on dietary labels are being Absorbed & Assimilated. This is due to inflammation on and around the surface of the small intestine. The Butyrate in GutArmor is a powerful anti-inflammatory that eliminates inflammation throughout the entire body specifically in the lower gut and small intestine. By removing the inflammation on the surface of the small intestine the body is able to absorb & assimilate significantly more nutrients & vitamins from the foods we eat.  


Glowing skin truly starts from within. Our skin is a direct indication of the health of our gut. Skin issues like eczema, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis all trace back to an autoimmune disorder caused by a Leaky Gut. When the stomach lining is damaged undigested food particles and pathogens (harmful bacteria) get into the blood stream, causing the immune system to overact and attack healthy skin cells. As a result, our damaged skin cells then cause a reaction on the surface of the skin resulting in eczema, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis. The Butyrate in GutArmor repairs and bolsters the stomach lining preventing Leaky Gut. In addition, GutArmor also reduces inflammation which helps alleviate skin issues that are common with an overactive immune system.

Starving out Bacterial Overgrowths

Bacterial overgrowths such as SIBO, H. Pylori, and Candida are big distributors of the gut microbiome and if gone unchecked can lead to serious issues like leaky gut, bloating, low stomach acid, fatigue, brain fog, and a host of inflammatory bowel disorders like Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. GutArmor starves out the bad bacteria by fueling up to 70% of the cells in the gut called colonocytes. Colonocytes create an oxygen free environment in the gut that kills off the overgrowth of bad bacteria like SIBO, H. pylori, and Candida. In the absence of the overgrowth the beneficial bacteria re-populate the gut, bringing it back to balance/homeostasis.

Super Immune Function

70% of the immune system is in the gut. The health of our Gut has a huge influence over how our immune system can respond to pathogens, viruses, and other foreign invaders. A healthy gut prevents bad bacteria getting into the blood stream and ensures low levels of inflammation. This allows the immune system to be more effective with its immune response and reduces the risk of an auto immune response (when the immune system attacks healthy cells) Auto-immune disorders like Insulin resistance/diabetes, eczema, and ulcerative colitis are all a result of an overactive immune system. Vitamin D3 and Butyrate in GutArmor bolsters immune function by decreasing inflammation and fortifying the stomach lining, helping support the healing of auto-immune disorders like eczema, insulin resistance and ulcerative colitis.