GutArmor vs. Probiotics

How does Gut Armor(Butyrate) differ from Probiotics?


  • Probiotics can take longer than you think to establish a healthy microbiome. A study conducted on patients given probiotics, after an antibiotic cycle showed that it took months for patients to establish a healthy microbiome. This is because probiotics often only contain one strain of bacteria and if your microbiome does not mesh or accept that strain it is expelled through waste.
  • Probiotics can actually cause bloating! An excessive use of probiotics can cause an accumulation of bacteria in the gut in the small intestine leading to bloating, brain fogginess, and abdominal pain. When probiotics gather in the gut they can cause sugars to ferment which can create a gas buildup leading to bloating and a D-lactic acid buildup which is the main component of brain fogginess.
  • Because probiotics are not regulated by the FDA there is no guarantee what you see on the label is what you’re getting. There is also a contamination risk with probiotics as they are living organisms.
  • Immunocompromised individuals and those on immunosuppressant drugs are recommended to use caution when taking products with live bacteria or yeast i.e. probiotics according to the FDA because there is no guarantee what you are taking is actually right for you.
  • Probiotics are living organisms and therefore fragile in nature. The number of colony forming units (CFUs) decreases during the process of storing, manufacturing, and digestion. By the time probiotics get to your gut the number of CFUs are much lower than what is presented on the label.


  • GutArmor creates an air free environment where healthy microbiota can multiply and thrive, which ensures that a healthy microbiome is going to be established. Rather than introducing a strain of bacteria that is not going to stay in the digestive system, Gut Armor creates a sustainable environment that encourages a healthy microflora.
  • Gut Armor reduces bloating through reducing air build up in the gut and digestive tract by providing the colonocytes (the cells that make up your stomach lining) the proper nutrients to create a pressurized environment. Since Gut Armor is made up of vitamin d3 and butyrate and not bacteria there is no possibility of fermentation taking place.
  • There is no risk of contamination with Gut Armor as our bottles are in a pressure seal container and contain no living ingredients that can rot.
  • Gut Armor actually helps those who are immunocompromised and immunodeficient! There is a growing a correlation between vitamin d deficient people and multiple autoimmune disorders such as lupus, Crohn’s disease, etc. Supplement your daily vitamin d3 intake by taking Gut Armor. Also, higher butyrate levels equates to higher levels of glutathione which is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals in the gut therefore reducing the risk of getting IBS, IBD, bowel cancer.
  • Gut Armor doesn’t rely on living organisms to change your microbiome but rather by creating a conducive environment that will support healthy gut cells. Unlike probiotics, Gut Armor can get to the lower intestine which is where “all the action happens”. The IUs you see on the bottle is exactly what your body is absorbing in the gut!