The Butyrate Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Connection


HRV - heart rate variability, is a metric of increasing interest in the athletic community with self-monitoring becoming a common trend. Although professional interpretation is advisable because of the nuance involved, it is often the case that a higher HRV value is considered favorable for overall health and athletic performance. 


Equally, fascination around the interplay between athletics and the human gut microbiome has also ramped up in the last several years with growing evidence suggesting that athletes and active people tend to have a superior microbiome profile


A superior microbiome profile generally means there is diversity in the microbiota with an abundance of healthy butyrate producing bacteria present. The question we ask today is whether or not a link exists between HRV and one’s gut microbiome profile.


Let’s find out.

Research Brief – The Butyrate, HRV Connection

Fortunately for us, a 2022 study out of the Metabolites journal looked at measures of both the gut microbiome and HRV in nearly a thousand Japanese participants.

Here’s what they found:

  1. Those with generally greater microbiome diversity had higher HRV values.
  2. Those with specifically higher amounts of butyrate producing bacteria scored higher in multiple clinical measures of HRV.

So, what we have here, to our delight, is a strong indication that the state of one’s gut microbiome is correlated with their HRV value which further supports the notion that athletes should be paying extra attention to their gut health and how they navigate that world. A topic we have, of course, explored in a previous post as well.

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The GutArmor Advantage

In addition to supplying highly bioavailable butyrate to the digestive tract, early human evidence suggests that tributyrin supplementation also boosts microbiome diversity and the total number of beneficial butyrate producing bacteria too.


It’s safe to say, by improving your gut microbiome diversity you are also improving your HRV! It is also worth noting that GutArmor serves as a functional Vitamin D3 supplement and that Vitamin D3 deficiency has regularly been associated with lower HRV levels.

The Role Of Butyrate & Butyrate Producing Bacteria In Your Performance

As I mentioned earlier, being someone who workouts out at a high level increases the likelihood you have a diverse microbiome with more butyrate producing bacteria than the average person. 

But there are levels to this and a number of other things one can do from the diet, lifestyle and supplementation perspective to further enhance their microbiome and the presence of butyrate in their digestive tract. Research in this area is still growing, but there are a few things we know for sure.

  • Gastrointestinal Symptoms Can Limit Your Potential 
  • “Gastrointestinal symptoms are common and a limiting factor in prolonged strenuous exercise.”
  • I pulled this quote from a 2017 systematic review and meta-analysis, and quite frankly it says it all regarding how important it is for athletes to do their utmost to maintain good gut health in both the short and long-term.
  • Butyrate Has A Big Role To Play

Now we get to the really good stuff!

Quick refresher first though.

GutArmor is a butyrate containing supplement that delivers the highest bioavailable and readily absorbable form of butyrate called tributyrin directly to your GI tract. The presence of butyrate in your system can be enhanced in other ways too, a topic we’ve covered in a previous piece.

Here’s why its relevant to today’s subject matter

As per recent work out of the International Journal Of Sports Medicine butyrate has the potential to reduce bodily inflammation, enhance recovery and contribute to the more efficient use of energy during exercise. 

Enhance your muscle growth, recovery, and nutrient absorption, while avoiding stomach discomfort 

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